New Publications for 2017

02. January 2017 Psychology 0
The Emotional Learner will be published by Routledge (date to be confirmed). Psychology for Teachers (with Jonathan Firth) will also be published by Routledge (again, date to be confirmed). Subscribe to the newsletter for updates and freebies 🙂

How’s Your Reminiscence Bump?

30. July 2016 Harrogate, Psychology 0
Make a list of your 8 Desert Island Discs, the songs you would want to keep you company during your imagined isolation. Why did you choose them? Do they have some particular significance? Are they from a particular time in your life? I recently attended an event in Harrogate about music, more specifically, the psychology ...

Teenagers: Moody, lazy and pretty amazing.

06. December 2015 Parenting, Psychology 0
I’ve been teaching teenagers for over a decade. Sure, they can be moody, unpredictable and even aggressive at times and they certainly drive you mad. That said they’re still pretty amazing. I know you’ll probably take some convincing of this, after all they sleep in until noon, stay up playing computer games into the wee ...